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Live Stream 8/31/21

August 31st, 2021

Ghost Stories from the Web
Today I read several stories, featuring a range of visual and audio activity, ghosts of children, and of US Civil War soldiers.
#ghosts #spirits #haunted #apparitions #children #soldiers

Live Stream 8/28/21

August 28th, 2021

Haunted Theaters; Part 3
Today I read two articles about haunted theaters to finish out this initial series on the topic, which I am sure we will revisit at a later date.
10 Haunted Theatres in America (
The Most Haunted Theater On Broadway: The Reprise of Mr Belasco – Ryan Sprague –
#ghosts #spirits #haunted #theaters

Live Stream 8/26/21

August 26th, 2021

Haunted Theaters; Part 2
Today I reviewed an article which discussed the haunting of 9 movie theaters.
9 Most Haunted Movie Theaters in America (
#ghosts #spirits #haunted #movie #theater

Live Stream 8/24/21

August 24th, 2021

Haunted Theaters; Part 1
Today I covered an article about 14 haunted theaters across the US. I was going to read one or two other articles, but this one took us through the show instead. So, the other articles will be covered in the next stream instead.

14 Terrifying Haunted Theaters Across America (
#haunted #theater #ghosts #spirits

Live Stream 8/19/21

August 19th, 2021

In today's stream, I read some ghost stories I found from the web.
#ghosts #spirits #sightings #sounds #hauntedplaces

Live Stream 8/17/21

August 17th, 2021

In today's stream, I read some ghost stories from the net, and then the stream chat and I discussed them, along with our own experiences.
#ghost #spirit #voices #apparitions #movingobjects #cats

Live Stream 8/14/21

August 14th, 2021

On today's stream, I shared some stories from the net, talked about a few of my own experiences, and shared a bit about myself in general, from what I can and can't see, to where (in general) I live, and some thoughts on the paranormal in general. I also mentioned a recent (audio) appearance on an online show. To find out more about it, visit the link below.
Troubled Minds Radio | From Our Troubled Minds to Yours…
#ghosts #hauntings #mirrors #windows #radios #smartphones #voices #sounds #paranormal #supernatural

Live Stream 8/10/21

August 10th, 2021

In this stream, I read a submission of 3 experiences one listener had in and around their home, which involved shadowy cats, movement of objects by unknown forces, and a presence that could copy voices and create cold pockets at will. I also talked about some of my own experiences with my grandparents and their home. I finished off the stream with two stories I found on the web about a friendly presence in a grocery store, and a grandmother who came back to visit her family after her passing.
#ghosts #spirits #hauntings #family

Live Stream 8/6/21

August 7th, 2021

In this week's live stream, I talk about haunted roads, and read from a couple of articles on the subject. I also touch on a well-known legend regarding a famous blues guitarist as it relates to crossroads, also known as an intersection, that supposedly led to great talent and fame...and an early demise.
World's Most Haunted Roads (
What happened at the crossroads: Blues legend Robert Johnson and his deal with the Devil (
#haunted #hauntedroads #ghosts #spirits #hitchhiker #crossroads #legends

Episode 08

August 7th, 2021

In this episode, I cover the rest of my paranormal experiences in my apartment where I live now.
Note; From now on, I will be focusing on my streams to share accounts of paranormal experiences, and so I will not be releasing these monthly numbered episodes on a regular basis. The streams will now be the "regular" episodes of this podcast. Numbered episodes will be specials, featuring interviews, and will be released as soon as possible.

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